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The footwear exhibition

Mª Victoria Martínez Rico

Viernes, 6 de Junio de 2003

DESIGNED FOR: students aged 15-16 years old, 4º CSE


Recognition and awareness of past simple tense. Production of sentences in affirmative, negative and interrogative forms.

Encourage the learning of specific vocabulary focused on the footwear industry and related, stressing the importance of interactive communication nowadays. Comprehension and production of specific messages related to this particular industry, both orally and in written form. Structure of standard documents.


Grammar: Simple Past; Chart of forms. Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative.

Vocabulary: Types of footwear. Further vocabulary can be inferred from texts.


I. Introduction:

Warming-up by using a poster related to the footwear sector Oral skills: questions on the poster

II. Reading:

Main text: fictitious article on a footwear exhibition.

Specific vocabulary and focus on verb tenses.

II.I. Reading comprehension:

- Writing skills: exercises on main text

III. Presentation of grammar topic:

- Chart of past simple tense

III.I Exercises on grammar:

- Exercises based on main text. Practice of affirmative, interrogative and negative sentences with past simple.

IV. Vocabulary:

Chart of vocabulary containing different types of shoes and boots.

IV.I Exercises on vocabulary:

- Fill in the gaps. Answering questions on main vocabulary chart.

V. Reinforcement:

A letter of presentation of a footwear exhibition. Focus on structure and vocabulary

V.I. Exercises on reinforcement:

- Reading comprehension: questions on the previous letter.

- Oral skills: discuss contents and structure of letter in groups.

- Writing skills: work with the text focusing on grammar topic, verb tenses. Write a new letter.

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